Evanston Express



Evanston Express Soccer Club Fees Include:

There are a lot of moving parts to running the club, much of which isn't seen by the public. We know it's important for you to understand what you get when paying your club fees.  Because of our non-profit status, Evanston Express SC does not make any profit from Registration Fees, Club Dues or Tournament Fees.  Any cost incurred by a team is divided among the players on that team.  Express families are encouraged to participate in several of our club-wide fundraisers annually.  Monies raised via club-wide fundraisers is put back into the club.  In the past, funds have been used to upgrade uniform kits and buy any needed equipment.  All of our coaches are volunteer and are not paid any salary from the club. 

For the past few years, our fees have been the same.  Here are some examples of expected costs:

  1. Wyoming Youth Soccer Registration Fees - $30 (this includes a player ID card and player insurance from US Youth Soccer)
  2. Uniform Fee - $85 (This is a mandatory fee and includes two game jerseys (home and away), shorts and socks)
  3. Practice Jersey - $5 (This is a mandatory fee)
  4. Tournament Fees - (This can vary on the number of players per team, the number of tournaments played by each team and the varying fees charged by each tournament.  As an example, last summer the u13 girls paid approximately $135 for tournament fees.)
  5. Optional Costs - Warm-ups, backpack, additional socks​
  6. Other Fees - Some of our teams have played an optional 9 game fall/spring league in Utah, with Utah Youth Soccer Association.  If your team decides to play with these leagues, there are additional costs (e.x. $15 registration fee, $20 League fee and $30 Ref fee)