Evanston Express



The Evanston Express Soccer Club’s mission is to provide opportunities for individual players to increase their soccer skills while developing knowledge and love for the game.  We want to foster a community of players, parents, and coaches dedicated to soccer.

Founded in 2012, Evanston Express Soccer Club in a registered, non-profit, educational sports organization based in Evanston, Wyoming.  We are dedicated to providing a competitive soccer experience for all our players and their families.  If you are looking for a new team or are considering moving your child to competition soccer for the first time, we invite you to look at Evanston Express Soccer Club.

Express offers high quality coaches, on-going coach education, specialized goal keeper sessions, and tournament play for all teams.

All of our players are a member of the Express family.  We pride ourselves in high work ethic, personal accountability and intergrity without the win at all cost attitude.  Using a community coaching model, we continually work to develop a competitive atmosphere with the goal that all players are able to express how much they enjoy their team, the coaching staff and the game itself.  We emphasize both individual player and team development, and our coaching style reflects this development.  "Why do we practice this drill?"  "Why do we play this way?"  "Why do we respect the game, referees, parents and teammates?"  We hope for our players to be passionate and knowledgeable enough about the game of soccer to become great coaches one day.

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