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Express February  2016 Player of the Month is Caitlin Grenfell.  Meet our POTM!

The Evanston Express Soccer Club is a Section 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that functions under the umbrella of Wyoming Youth Soccer and is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.  We are a community based organization committed to helping each player learn, grow, and celebrate his or her love of the game. We are dedicated to developing character, integrity, and personal growth for the youth player, student athlete and future leader. We serve our community by continuing a tradition of fun and excellence in developing players, coaches and teams. Express offers a competitive soccer experience within a family-like atmosphere.  This type of environment encourages not only high-performance habits but also creates a strong sense of community and lasting character.  If you are looking for a club, moving to the area or are simply considering club soccer for your child, we invite you to explore the Evanston Express Soccer Club.

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